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Classical Fundraiser: Botanical Gardens: Encinitas, California

A Fund Raiser at the San Diego Botanical Gardens in Encinitas, California in the fall of 2012.

These are YouTube videos, so some fidelity may be lost in the upload process, but they are a fair representation of the sound.

Background sound is from the stream running through the garden.

This was a fund raiser using classical music which is normally not amplified, but the venue was large enough that some kind of sound reinforcement was needed. We ran a 30 second pink noise analysis using the dbx Drive Rack PA+ ¬†and flattened the listening area. Using dynamic microphones placed a few feet in front of and below the singers gives you great sound without obscuring the audience’s view of the event.

These videos that show the edge of the sound board were recorded using an iPhone-4S just under the speakers and toward the performance area (see the still picture below — the phone was at the Sound Board). The sound in the video shot from the back of the venue is a little lighter and more representative of the audience experience.

What the venue looked like in the afternoon.

Click to popup an annotated image to see where the Speakers and Microphones are better.