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The Reaganomics – Dance Rock of the 80′s


The Band

The Reaganomics are Southern California’s premiere 80′s dance band. Performing for over seven years, The Reaganomics is a well polished entertainment machine. Some of our customers include ¬†WebSense, Tommy Hilfiger, Coca-Cola, The San Diego Chargers, The San Diego Padres, Rock N Roll Marathon, Navy and Marine Corps installations throughout the region, movie premieres, and various rock and movie stars to name a few.

Nero (Lead Guitar)

Somewhere in the early 90′s as the fun, innocent sound of the 80′s fell to the wayside in favor of the darker, angrier side of grunge, Nero, a native of Cincinnati, Ohio, realized he missed the high-energy, feel good music that he grew up with. He formed a a band with some fellow nostalgia-feeling musicians, and the first Reaganomics was born. Instantly a Midwest favorite, The Reaganomics recreated, night after night, the very essence of the 80′s. For years, The Reaganomicsdominated the Midwest music scene.

Eventually, Nero graduated college (7 years later) and started a ‘Real job’ that forced him to travel the world. The end of his time with the Reaganomics(Midwest Edition) was at hand.

As he traveled the world, dined with dignitaries, dated foreign supermodels and drank the finest wines the world had to offer, he noticed something that was a commonality throughout the world: everyone loved 80′s music.

Throughout his travels, though, there seemed to be something missing. Nero knew he craved playing guitar and dressing up in circa 80′s clothing like many people crave a two-dollar painted lady on Christmas, but it was something more that ate at him – something that he knew would be his demise unless he figured it out.

It was two years and six continets later, while Nero was nearing the Summit of Mt. Everest, that he realized what it was…80′s music – pure, fun, high energy 80′s music!! So..he got off that mountain, sold his Ferrari, his houses in Spain and Italy, and settled up with all his illegitimate children around the world.